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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Instructional and Curriculum Design is the art in identifying end user needs and creating content that serves their needs. In the design and development of training and educational content there are careful considerations that must be made to ensure that your end user’s needs are being met. Content must include elements of interaction so that there can be a sense of involved in the learning process. This is different then most traditional training and educational content in that it is specific to the end user’s needs and can foster great changes in behaviours and teaching and learning styles.


Instructional & Curriculum Design

Do you have experts in education that design, develop and delivery your content?

Instructional Design and Curriculum design is an art that is conducted by an Educational Practitioner who works with Subject Matter Experts (s) to create content that is engaging and easy to learn. A comprehensive Instructional & Curriculum Design project can include the following:

Scope of Work:

Identify user’s needs through various methodologies including: surveys, focus groups, dialogues with various employees, etc…

Assess current training and educational content to determine if it is meeting the end user’s needs.

Develop a plan to redesign content working with Subject Matter Experts (SME).

Design new curricula to support the identified needs.

Develop content using instructional design pedagogy.

Delivery of content and assessment of content through a piloted phase.

Review if content has met the project outcome.

Project Management

Do you ever wonder why your projects are not as successful as they could have been?

In any project, having a project manager who can help pave the way and clear obstacles is essential to ensure that employees can be best supported in completing their tasks. Using a project management methodology that enables employees to perform at their best can ensure the success of any project.

Educational Consulting

Are you interested in improving your employees teaching and learning experiences that will increase their success, and thus your success?

In any industry training is essential to support your employees in various functions and roles. In many cases, organizations rely on Subject Matter Experts (SME), who are trained and skilled in various areas of knowledge to develop and delivery content, however, they are not educational practitioners who are trained and skilled in the art of developing content for learners. Working with SMEs, we create content that can ensure that your employees spend more time learning the content, versus learning how to learn the content because it is not designed using adult teaching and learning methodologies.

We can provide consultation in various areas to assist you in improving your content so that your employees can readily achieve their learning outcomes and create a more effective and efficient learning experience for any industry.

Shift Gears from Face-2-Face to Online

Interested in transitioning your training content from a face2face classroom into an engaging online environment?

We work with you to design a comprehensive project that will bring your content to life in an online world. Online education can be accessed anywhere and anytime, and create teaching and learning efficiencies that enable an organization to optimize learning opportunities and lessen down time at work. This will contribute to growth factors to the organization in many ways.

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