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Emotional Intelligence For Workplaces

This workshop is designed to create a space where participants can learn about themselves to better understand the various states of Emotional Intelligence so that they can in turn hone in on their abilities to connect with others and be the best they can be in any realm of work.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define each of the five states of emotional intelligence and set action steps to achieve each one.
  • Identify your work values and rank yourself based on your self-awareness.
  • Build empathy towards colleagues and their work complaints.
  • Identify your competencies that you can self-regulate in the workplace.
  • Identify if you are motivated intrinsically or extrinsically and rank your ability to self motivate.
  • Identify your social traits and communicate with others using your abilities, and respecting theirs.
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence to a real life example.
  • Provide an example of how unclear communication can result in ineffective work being conducted.

Timeline: 5-6 hours

Leadership Communications

An unconventional approach to learning how to communicate with people and interact with people as a facilitator and teacher by taking participants through various strategies and activities that can enable them to better connect with their audience members.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the Nine keys to communication and apply them in having a conversation with your colleagues.
  • Connect and foster an impact with your audience members by connecting with them and engaging them in your dialogue.

Timeline: 2-3 Hours

Old Behaviours. New Behaviours

Through a series of steps, clients work through identifying old behavioural patterns that can create negative feedback loops, and work to transform negative cyclic behaviours into positive and constructive behaviours, creating positive feedback loops.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify negative behaviours and cyclic patterns through self-awareness activities.
  • Transform negative feedback loops into positive behavioural feedback loops by working through each of the action items within each of the cyclic patterns.
  • Create action steps to begin to foster new behavioural shifts.

Timeline: 2-3 Hours

Shift Your Paradigm. Old Beliefs. New Beliefs.

We often find ourselves triggered by people and circumstances; the goal is to create self-awareness through the identification of triggers, and further working through a process that will identify the root cause to such triggers in order to shift our experiences of the triggers. In learning how to create awareness about the cause to the triggers, clients can further identify old beliefs that govern such behaviours and triggers and begin to create new beliefs that will further create a new paradigm to be experienced.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Make note and create awareness about triggers that are readily experienced.
  • Describe current experiences that are the cause to the triggers.
  • Recall past experiences that have fostered similar triggers.
  • Identify old beliefs that have governed similar experiences and triggers and work through the process of releasing old beliefs in order to create a space for new belief systems.
  • Create a new belief system that will further create a shift in one’s paradigm, and create action steps to put that new belief into play.
  • Create awareness in summarizing the learnings that have occurred as a result of working through this process.

Timeline: 4-5 Hours

Woman Empowerment For Workplaces

A non-conventional approach to supporting women in any industry to achieve success and growth and acquire the skills and talents to help the thrive. This workshop focuses on working with women to enable them by providing woman with the tools and skill set they need to thrive in any industry. This workshop will empower women through a series of workshops that are specifically designed out of an identified need in various industries for women to build their ability to create themselves in ways that can enable their ability to thrive.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify your formula for self-confidence by creating awareness about what breaks your confidence.
  • Identify old beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing success and the ability to thrive.
  • Identify old behavioural cycles that contribute that can be the cause of many barriers and create a positive feedback system to support new behaviours conducing to your growth.
  • Lean how to be more present in any given moment by identifying any barriers that remove you from the present so that you become less reactive and more grounded.
  • Create an abundant mindset that can enable you to thrive in any environment.
  • Set an intention and create action steps that will enable you to achieve success.
  • Practice all the methodologies used in this workshop by applying the concepts in group work activities.

Timeline: 7 workshop series. Each workshop is 3 hours in length.

Customized Training Options

Your employees and stakeholders have unique needs, by assessing their needs through a comprehensive Needs Assessment, we can design content that meets their needs for growth and development and empower your employees to contribute to the growth of your organization. Whether you are seeking short lunch and learn opportunities, or long term solutions to support your employees, we can customized any workshop and content to meet your needs.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Creative an environment for employers and employees to thrive.
  • Identify your stakeholder’s needs and create content that can have an impact on their performance.
  • Increase bottom line results of your organization.
  • Create a shift in your workplace culture and behaviours.
  • Create a connection with employees through growth and development opportunities.

Timeline: Customized

Leadership Series: I've Got Your Back

In a work environment that is designed to ensure that people are protected and served, their best interests should be at the forefront of every decision that is made to create an outcome. By ensuring that you as a leaders can support your employees in the work they perform this act can have a massive impact on the outcomes they achieve. Learning how to connect with your employees in a way that is conducive to their growth and development can have an evolving impact that transfers to the success of their performance.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Identify ways in which they can connect with their employees in a way that can support their growth and development within the organization.
  • Create an environment where employees can feel as though they belong and are connected to the people, the leadership team and the organization.
  • Identify how to best support employees in the decisions they make and how you can protect the integrity of their decisions and empower them to make decisions.
  • Identify the barriers employees face and how you can remove those barriers and clear the path to their success.
  • Identify ways in which you can lead by example in different areas of work including: Intellectually, Emotionally, Culturally and through Well-Being.

Timeline: 2-3 hours

Executive Coaching

Each of your employees are unique and offer unique skills and talents that can enable your organization to succeed. By working with employees one-on-one, their specific needs can be identified, and then a plan can be created in working with them to further enable each employee to grow and advance their skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Enhanced connection to employees and colleagues.
  • Increase performances and success rates.
  • Create more engaged workforce that contributes to organizational growth.
  • Discovery of new skills and talents that can contribute to the organization’s growth.
  • Create a consistent set of values that are aligned with the organizations.
  • Enabled growth and development at a personal and professional level.

Timeline: Customized

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