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Creative eLearning Design

We Create Meaningful Training and Educational Content to Meet Your End User's Needs.

For over a decade, Creative eLearning Design has worked with leaders in various industries to identify their user's needs and build content to support their advancement within the organization.

What are some of the benefits to supporting your team in their growth and development:

♦ More Engaged Workforce

♦ Employees Who Are Connected to the Business and to their Colleagues

♦ Increased Accountability and productivity

♦ Advanced Learning and Growth Opportunities

♦ Increased Success Throughout the Organization

About Us

Creative eLearning Design started in 2008, where founder Miranda Rocca-Circelli wanted to help organizations identify their end user’s needs and build engaging content that could help support them in their growth and development.
Over the years, CeD has morphed into a business that enables organizations to best support their employees needs through the development of programs and training content that can foster engagement. Miranda has continued to develop meaningful programs that focus on providing end users with professional development skills. CeD also works with organizations to assess their current training content and provides educational consulting that can revise programs and training fostering a more engaged and meaningful experience for end users.

Miranda holds a Master’s Degree in Distance Education, a Bachelor Degree of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Science in Bio-Medical Biology. She is a mother of three and is passionate about helping people and organizations create meaningful and engaging experiences.

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